Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thoughts For This Week

Out my window... I see my daughter mowing the grass. It seems to take on a life of its  own during the summer months and she really has to be diligent about mowing it. She actually has her own little lawn service business and does 3 different yards per week. Some nice spending money!

Places we've been... This was another wild and crazy week with lots of running around. My oldest and I went to a baseball game together, which was great fun! Other places we went include Target (still looking for luggage), the grocery store, the book launch party for our daughter's new book, the Orthopaedic Doctor, the park to celebrate our Back To Homeschool Bash with our HEART Homeschool Group, church, the mall to do clothes shopping for the kids, and out to dinner. It makes me tired just remembering all of that...

People we saw... We saw our Keepers at Home friends, some family members, the doctor, and we got to finally meet the publisher of our daughter's book. Such a wonderful, sweet woman!

My favorite thing this week... That is a no-brainer. My all time favorite thing this week was going to the book launch party and just watching our daughter present herself with such confidence and maturity. I wanted to cry as I watched her sign the book for everyone.

In our homeschool this week...We were able to get some more math completed, and my little guy did his reading and a bit of math as well. He loves playing any kind of games, so I took advantage of that and we played Math Dominoes.

Things I am working on...Yes, I am still cutting all those vocabulary cards up, sigh... The pile just never ends. I am also starting to make my list for our trip overseas, which is in 17 days!

I'm reading... This week, I spent a lot of time reading the teacher manuals for my childrens' writing programs. I also read several articles on line regarding Scoliosis. More on that, coming very soon.

I'm grateful for...Being part of such a nice homeschool support group. It really is a blessing to have friends you can turn to for not only homeschool advice, but support and friendship.

I'm praying for...God to put my mind at ease regarding some serious issues involving our daughter's health.

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  1. I meant to comment the other day...and somehow time slipped right through my typing fingers!

    But your daughter's book launch is just SO beautiful and amazing! I don't even know you guys...and my heart is all swollen and sappy for you!

    Shame you don't live in chilly RI...I have plenty-a luggage to spare. We just cleaned the basement (prepping for a family room - hooray!) and now it's all clean and stacked neatly in a high cubby. :)

    Have fun...