Our School Room

Our homeschooling journey began about 3 years ago when our oldest daughter was about to start middle school. We now homeschool all 3 of our children and I could not imagine life any other way! We are very hands-on and love lapbooking, projects,  and unit studies. This is a photo of our fabulous schoolroom my wonderful husband made for us! The great thing about our classroom is its right in the center of our home, so it doesn't feel like we are isolated from anyone else in the house. We also have our computers in this room on the wall not shown in the photo. Although we do have this nice schoolroom, my children do not remain here all day long! You can find them reading in a closet, doing a craft project in the kitchen, drawing outside, or observe them learning most anywhere! 
Rain gutter book shelves!

Our reading corner

My little guy's calendar and weather report corner

Bookshelves with baskets of supplies and math manipulatives