Monday, August 29, 2011

Keepers at Home

Today at our Keepers at Home meeting, we were quite busy! We started our meeting with our club song, Stepping in the Light. Then, 3 of the girls played the piano as part of their Musical Instrument Skill Award. Award pins were given out today for all the different skills they worked on throughout the month. We had quite a variety of earned pins today including Hygiene, Butterflies, Patience, Home Decorating, and many more!

Next, we had some yummy ice cream sundaes, to celebrate the start of the new homeschool year for everyone! This was also our last meeting until October, since we will be away on our trip for a month.

While the girls ate their sundaes and talked, they worked on their Miniatures Skill Award, and created some delightful little miniature homes for their ladybug friends! It was so cute watching them all work and seeing the great variety and creativity that went into each little home.  Here is a finished product. This one particular little Keeper decided to make a tent for her ladybug and she added some tiny accessories as well to complete the project.
This was a very productive and fun meeting for all of us, and I look forward to what the fall has in store for us! Some upcoming skills the girls will be working on include making casseroles and soups, potpourri making, a continuation of cross stitch, and much more.

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