Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Launch Party

This week, we attended the book launch party for our oldest daughter's book Tampa Bay From A to Z. The event was held at the Florida Blue Store and it was such a great night!
There were approximately 100 people there, including several of the children whose art work was used as illustrations for the book. The illustrations were created by current and former patients of two local children's hospitals.

This was such a dream come true for our daughter because for as long as we can remember, she has always enjoyed writing and she has a true talent for it.
I imagine it was hard for her to believe too that something so special has happened to her at such a young age. In the next several months, she will be doing book readings at various schools and libraries and I know that out there is another young writer just waiting to be inspired to follow their dream and never give up...


  1. Faith, that is so exciting! What a special thing for her!

  2. How many times did Noelle have to practice her signature? : ) So proud of you Noelle!