Monday, August 8, 2011

Keepers At Home

Today, our Keepers at Home club worked on the swimming skill award pin. We met at one of the member's homes to complete this skill. Prior to today's meeting, the girls learned about water safety, and we discussed all the different requirements of this award.
First, the girls demonstrated how to tread water. Depending on their age, they either had to tread water for 2 minutes, or five minutes.
Next, they had to float on their backs for several minutes.
After that, they each had to take turns showing their ability to do free style swimming, the back stroke or breast stroke, and demonstrate how to rescue someone who is drowning.
After we were all done with our skills, the girls had a nice snack of cupcakes and juice.
After their snack, the girls were able to just have fun and swim! They had a fun time with each other and it was a great day for us all!

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