Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thoughts For This Week

Out my window...  I see our mango tree getting taller and taller! Our neighbor was so kind as to give us a little mango tree last year, but it died in the winter. Recently, he showed up with another mango tree, and I think this one is going to make it!

In our homeschool this week... we have not done much in the way of any math this week, sigh... Our kids read a lot each day though and our oldest has spent quite a bit of time writing stories. She so desires to be a "famous" author one day.

Places we've been... My goodness we've been to a lot of places this week! Let me start with the least favorite- the ER so my husband could get stitched up after losing a battle with a 2 x 4 board, Grocery shopping, Target (looking for luggage that doesn't weigh too much), the pool,  the dentist (as you can see from the photos), bowling, church, gymnastics, the girls had a sleepover at Mamaw's house, Applebee's, etc... Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about all the running around...

People we saw... we saw family members, friends at our Keepers at Home meeting, the lovely ER staff (they really are very sweet there!), and the dentist!

My favorite thing this week...Taking our son bowling one night. He just absolutely loves to bowl and it is so cute to watch. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Things I'm working on... I am quite busy laminating dozens upon dozens of vocabulary word cards for this next school year. I'm also enjoying looking through all our new books and school materials.

I'm reading... The Story of the World 

I'm cooking... breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, potatoes, scrambled eggs, fried hot dogs- yummy!

I'm grateful for... my husband not being more injured than he is.

I'm praying for...our daughter's doctor appointment next week to go well, and for my husband to not be in too much pain from his injury.

Wow, things are really picking up speed now. We are starting to think about packing for our big trip overseas, and I am really getting excited! 23 days and counting!

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