Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thoughts for this Week

Out my window... I see the neatest thing! There are two baby woodpeckers and their mommy on one of our trees! We recently had a lot of wind, and unfortunately their nest was blown out of the tree. Thankfully though, the babies were just old enough to learn to fly and so now, there they are with their mother just bouncing all around the tree trunk while she squawks noisily at them. It really is a sight...

Places we've been...The girls started soccer this past week and so we have been busy going to the sports store to get all their equipment, as well as attending their twice a week practices. We also found time to get to the library and pick up several books on Portugal so the kids can start their HEART Homeschool Group projects. Finally, I was a substitute teacher for one of our local elementary schools twice this week. I am a former public school teacher, and so I have been substitute teaching periodically over the last few years. It is such a great job because you only need to work twice per month in order to stay active and on the list. But if I ever need to work more days, I can just take on more sub positions. You wouldn't believe how many jobs are available each and every day! And by the way, while  I was out "playing teacher", my husband took the kids to a local grocery store grand opening celebration. They had a blast, tasting all the free samples and getting balloons. They even had their picture taken with the store mascot!

In our homeschool... We have now gotten into the full swing of things! It took a bit of adjusting with schedules, etc... but now things are rolling along! I am loving our little guy's writing program- Write Shop Primary. He is doing fantastic with it and is already writing his own little stories! Our oldest started Rosetta Stone French-Homeschool Edition this year, and I have to say it is a really great program! She is speaking in full sentences and I love the fact that I can evaluate her progress through the parent-teacher controls section. Our little girl is reading Ginger Pye right now, and she is doing so good with her spelling this year!

My favorite thing this week... I think it would have to be our Keepers at Home club meeting. We didn't have meetings for a month while we were away, and it was so nice seeing all our friends again. Our girls were really excited about it, and I really just feel that our club has such a nice bond. All the families are very sweet and the girls get along so nicely.

Things I'm working on... I have been busy working on lesson plans for Keepers at Home, as well as our weekly homeschool lesson plans. With so many fun, creative fall and Halloween activities available out there,  it is really hard to chose what to do! I try not to duplicate anything we've already done in past years, unless it is something the kids REALLY want to do again!

I'm reading... Right now I am reading through Ginger Pye (so I can stay ahead of our little girl and be able to discuss the story with her!) as well as The Story of the World Volume 2. I've also been reading through several of the different chapters in the Keepers at Home Handbook.

I'm grateful for... After travelling overseas, I have a new sense of appreciation for our country, and I am so proud to be an American, and live in this wonderful nation. We really are blessed to be Americans and most of us don't realize the freedoms we have compared to other nations.

I am praying for... The Kitson family in South Africa. They are a missionary family with two small children and one on the way. Such a sweet family!

Well, those are my thoughts for this week.  This next week will be quite busy with Keepers meeting, soccer, piano, and more so stay tuned!

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  1. You may have just talked me into Rosetta Stone too. I'm such a hem-hawer. Always afraid that just when I make my choice something better will come along. Sigh. :)