Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Nature Hunt

This week for science, we went on an autumn nature hunt. Where we live, the seasons do not show a very obvious change. But, we thought it would be still be fun, so out we went early one morning to see what we could find.

Each of the kids was given a science data journal to record any drawing or interesting things to remember. They also had a pencil, pen, some crayons for doing leaf rubbings, and small and large plastic bags. Last of all, they were given a check list of items to search for.
I was very impressed with how hard they worked and how much they enjoyed this activity. Our little guy particularly seemed to enjoy doing the drawing in his journal and labeling it. He chose to draw some leaves.
They also liked the leaf rubbings. They actually decided to do rubbings of other objects we found- not just leaves.
After we completed the entire check list, we headed over to the playground for some climbing fun!

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