Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Little Feathered Friends

One of the highlights of being here in Portugal for our kids is going to the market and buying baby ducks and chicks. We ended up getting 4 chicks and 3 ducks a few weeks ago. The kids really enjoy playing with them. Of course, they all have names: the ducks are Fluffy, Moonlight, and Gus. The chicks are Cutie Pie, Moondance, Pinocchio, and Little Ricardo.
It is quite entertaining watching our little boy chase the ducks around and try to catch and hold them. The chicks are much easier to gather up, and once you have them, they like to just sit on your lap and rest.
Our oldest even gives the ducks baths in the large tub near the well. At first, the little ducklings were not happy at all. But once they realized they could swim, the really had a blast, dunking their heads under the water and swimming around!
Once their bath was over, they were dried off and cuddled a bit!
Aren't they just so cute???

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