Saturday, September 17, 2011

The city of Learning- Coimbra

This week, we went to the city of Coimbra, which is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, The University of Coimbra. You can see students walking around the city, wearing their traditional school uniforms. On their cape, they have these little colored ribbons which represent what department they belong to, and what they are studying.
We took the train to get there, since it is much easier to travel around Coimbra by foot, than to try and drive a car.

This church above was built in the 1100's! It was really neat to see all the beautiful decor and the statues.
One thing I had to keep reminding my self of was that back then, all of the carvings were done by hand! Amazing...
All that walking up and down the steep streets sure makes a little guy hungry!
This view gives you a better idea about how steep the roads are. See how the buildings and houses are all on different levels?
Another great day spent with the family, learning about the history of this beautiful city and seeing some of the country's oldest sites.

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