Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun at the Beach

Portugal is a country known for its role in the fishing industry. Seafood, particularly sardines, have been a number one export of Portugal for many years. There are many beautiful beaches in Portugal, and we are blessed to have access to one of them, just 15 minutes away from my parents' summer home.
Where we live in the U.S.A. the beaches are very calm and the water is almost hot in the summer- like taking a bath! It is the complete oposite here in Portugal- the water is from the Atlantic Ocean, and it is VERY cold and extremely rough. Many people drown here each year because of the under currents and rough water.
We don't allow the kids to go very far off the shore at all here. My dad kept a watchful eye on our two younger ones, always looking to see when the waves are coming up. Because of the wind, a lot of seafoam develops along the shore.
Our oldest was almost blown away with the beach umbrella!
The picture above was taken at a different beach called Furadouro. We went there for lunch and then the kids played in the sand, dipped their feet in the freezing water, and collected stones. There are almost no shells at the beach, but there are all sorts of beautiful, smooth little stones.
The shore at this beach had many large rocks that you could climb onto.
See the waves crashing behind my husband? It just amazes me, how powerful the oceans are and what a wonderful example of God's power and beauty....

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