Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lisbon- Capital of Portugal: Part 1

We took our oldest daughter on the train to Lisbon for a day trip last week. What an adventure it was! The first thing that of course was absolutely hysterical to her was the fact that if you had to use the restroom at the train station, you had to pay!
What made it even more comical was that once you put the money in the machine, you only had about 2 seconds to get through the gate before it closed. So funny... We really laughed about that.
Then we had to catch a taxi, which was a new experience for us. In Lisbon, you have to wait in a line for the taxis to come. There are all sorts of rules about taxis, but thankfully my dad prepared us ahead of time. Our first stop was going to be the Castle of St. Jorge. So, as I tried not to laugh at how funny it sounded, I had to tell the driver "To the castle!!!"
This castle was built about 1000 years ago and as you can see, people were much shorter back then... All the doorways and stairs are so small! I imagined the king and other royalty walking through the property...
We spent a few hours at the castle, and then we decided to surprise our "little bean" and take her to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch!
Oh my goodness, the food was absolutely devine! We savored every single bite and it tasted exactly as it would in the U.S.
We started with an appetizer sampler of chicken wings, potato skins, spring rolls, and cheese sticks, and the our daughter decided on the "crazy mac & cheese" which had big pieces of grilled chicken in it and some garlic bread. My husband and I shared the barbecue chicken and ribs. Mmmm- I can almost still taste it!
After lunch, we tried to get onto the elevator to see the upper part of the city, but it was really crowded with tourists that day.

Here are a few scenes from Lisbon:
I will share more about our trip to Lisbon in my next post!

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