Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Visit to Chile

This week, we learned about Chile. Although Chile is not one of the listed countries for Galloping the Globe, my children were interested in finding out about this fascinating country and so I thought, "why not!" They completed a fact sheet about Chile that I printed off of Homeschool Creations. We also found a map quiz from Enchanted Learning as well as a flag to color. Another activity they enjoyed was seeing all the neat photos of Chile at www.nationalgeographic.com I borrowed several books from the library for them to read but their favorite is always Around the World In 80 Tales.

While traveling through Chile, we discovered that felt art is very popular there and so we decided to make our own felt pictures. Here is my little guy working on his picture above, and the finished product below.
My little nut working on her artwork, and her final product below!
Last but not least, my big girl working on her picture. Here is her project!
I love all the fun, hands-on craft activities we are able to do while homeschooling and I think the children learn so much from these projects. It is always so neat to see how different they are as well!


  1. I have been looking into galloping around the globe as a curriculum choice for us. Do you like it?

  2. Hi there! Yes, I do like Galloping the Globe. There are so many neat activities suggested in the book and I usually suppliment it with things I find on other websites. Homeschool Creations has some great printables related to GTG and there are even some lesson plan ideas as well!