Monday, January 10, 2011

Ideas For Your Workboxes

Many of you that use the workbox system, or are thinking about using it know it is a wonderful organizational tool for homeschooling. However, I have come across several people who start using it but don't know what to put in the boxes! In addition to using workboxes for your "regular" academic activities, I think it is so convenient and beneficial to use them for fun, educational extras as well! My children never know what they're going to find in their boxes each morning. Sure, they realize those same textbooks are there somewhere, but I like to alternate the order of things each day, as well as throw in several surprises!

Here is a list of some ideas for those of you who would like to add some fun extras into your school day, but just don't know where to start:

origami                             craft kits                           Madlibs                               puzzles
board games                    file folder games              nature journal                    playdoh/clay
tangrams                         instruments                      sewing projects                  k'nex
legos & building card      letter tiles                         paper dolls                         Wii time
magnetic wands              story prompt card           computer time                   flash cards
physical challenge card  treasure hunt                   dominoes                           science experiment
CD/tapes                         iPod/educational apps     dice math                          letter magnets
DVD                                  History Pockets                money activities              lapbooking
scrapbooking                  map activities                    stamps/ink pads              plan week's meals
cooking activities           cookie sheet math             cookie sheet spelling        Brainquest cards
coupon cutting               camera/list of items          make grocery list            coloring book
puzzle pages                   electronic learning game  card games                       art activities

You probably have many of these items already in your home. Its just a matter of finding them all and making a list so they get used. One of the best things I did was take an inventory of everything in my home that could be used for workboxes. I have the master list on a bulletin board in our school room and now, loading the workboxes is MUCH easier because I don't have to "think" of something to put into them. My children have 8 large boxes and so what I usually do is have anywhere from 1-3 items in each box. For example, in my 7th grader's American History box, she will have a set of vocabulary cards to practice, her chapter book to read, and an activity from History Pockets to complete. Oh, and some of the items listed may seem a bit "young" for your older children but you would be surprised at what they will still want to do! My 13 year old LOVES clay and playdoh, and will even do coloring pages in various coloring books for older kids I have found from

There are several websites out there if you are looking for ways to have little daily celebrations and incorporate them into your workboxes. On  you can print out a calendar for each month which contains holidays, special birthdays, etc... For example, a few months ago we celebrated Banana Split Day. I placed an activity card along with a banana and icecream dish in each of our children's boxes. They really look forward to those fun surprises and it gives me a chance to teach them things that perhaps aren't in their regular textbooks but are still educational. This month, is National Soup Month and I have a whole list of things we are going to do.

I hope this has helped you a bit. If you have any other ideas you use for your workboxes, I would love to hear them. I am always looking for new things!


  1. Great ideas, Faith! I enjoyed seeing your plans and your beautiful family!

  2. Thank you, Brenna for visiting! I absolutely love your blog- you have such a beautiful family!

  3. This is very cool!!! I really like your idea of a master list. I am going to do that. I have two crates that I keep fun books in, but I still find myself struggling a little sometimes. A list would help. Very Nice!!!