Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stone Soup and Words From a Five Year Old

I thought it would be a fun activity to make some "stone soup" during National Soup Month. My 9 year old has been busy doing all sorts of soup-related activities this month and so we went ahead and read the book Stone Soup and started making a lapbook. There was a lot of chopping involved in creating our own stone soup and she was so excited to be helping! I am thankful I have children who really enjoy cooking. But, on to more interesting things...

When my little guy began homeschooling this year, he started out pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. That excitement wore off after a few days and so I will have to say that sometimes, he is less than thrilled about certain things I need for him to do. As I have mentioned before, we are doing Starfall Kindergarten and I absolutely LOVE it! There is quite a bit of writing however which he is not fond of, even though when he is alone, he will write all sorts of lists, etc... Much of it is random strings of letters and as I praise him for his hard work, I secretly wonder if he is "where he should be" for his age. Yes, I know- its that teacher mentality that I just can't seem to get out of my head. Anyways,  this week as we were working on his word-building activities with the magnet letters, I got up and went out of the school room for a moment. When I came back, this is what my little guy had written for me:
For those who can't quite read it ( or can't believe what you are seeing!), yes that says "I hav a fat bumm" Now of course I was thinking about the fact that if he were in school, this would have been a BIG no-no. But, he's not in school and so we laughed and laughed until we cried and I thought to myself  yes, he is EXACTLY where he should be...


  1. Sending you a bloggy award check out my site to see it:)

  2. Great creative writing! I had no idea it was soup month. We'll have to catch up at dinner tonight.
    Janet W