Monday, January 24, 2011

History Pockets

I recently discovered History Pockets. I have to say,  they have become one of my favorite resources for history! History Pockets are published by Evan Moor and there are History Pockets for grades 1-3 as well as 4-6+. I ended up purchasing all the different books but we have only used one so far. This week, my oldest completed the Colonial America History Pockets.
The History Pocket books show you how to make each pocket using large sheets of construction paper and string or yarn. Each book contains enough materials to create up to 10 different pockets, each one focusing on a specific item relating to that time period. You can make all the pockets and include everything for that chapter, or you can pick and chose! The best part is, you simply make copies of the pages in the History Pocket book using regular computer paper or card stock. This allows you to use the book as many times as you want which comes in handy if you have several children of different ages.
Here is a sample of a pocket my daughter created using the Colonial America History Pockets book. Each pocket has a title card that you glue onto the construction paper. Inside the pocket are all the different activities pertaining to that chapter.

There is such a variety of creative projects! This for example was a replica of a colonial home and it opens up so you can see the furniture inside. So cute!
There are time lines, maps, collages to make, and many more activities. History Pockets are a wonderful addition to any history curriculum, or you can use them alone! We thoroughly enjoyed the Colonial America History Pockets and can't wait to use the other books in the near future.

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