Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soup Month Activities

Since this month is National Soup Month, I decided to spend some time with my children doing some fun and educational activities related to soup! So far, we have made two different types of homemade soup- kale and chicken. We read the story Stone Soup and tomorrow, we are going to make stone soup for dinner! This morning, I took my daughter to our local grocery store to investigate some things about soup. I made up a worksheet ahead of time for her and had her write down how many different brands of soup she thought there were at our store. Then, she had to actually count all the different brands. The next activity called for her to investigate one brand specifically for nutritional content. The last thing she did was calculate how much it would cost to purchase 4 of her favorite soups. She has been creating a lapbook about soup this month and so we will be incorporating that worksheet into her project. This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling- being able to really investigate a topic and learn in a hands-on way! How are you celebrating National Soup Month?

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