Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Sweet!

To say that my little boy loves his daddy is an understatement. He absolutely adores him and it is evident in everything he does- even during school time. He is constantly drawing hearts with "dad" written on them. He builds things with his Legos and gives them as gifts to daddy. During writing time, his focus is on things he has done or would like to accomplish with Daddy.  When we go to the store with his hard earned cash to purchase something, he always asks if I think daddy would like the toy he has chosen. At least once a week, my husband takes our little boy with him to work. It is so exciting for him, and it makes me smile to imagine what "manly" things they are doing and talking about.
He looks like him-
He acts just like him-
He wants to be just like him-
The other day during school, my little guy and I did a writing activity and he had to come up with the last part of the last sentence. This is what he wrote-
Such a simple,  yet perfect sentence. He could have said anything- I love pizza. I love cars. I love playing. But he chose the one above- I love Daddy. What a blessing to have a daddy like yours.

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