Monday, November 21, 2011

Great American Teach-In

A few days ago, our oldest daughter participated in the Great American Teach-In, an annual event where people from the community are invited to speak to students about their career, hobbies, or really anything! Since our daughter recently had her book
Tampa Bay From A to Z published, she was invited to speak at the elementary school she attended several years ago.
When we first arrived at the school, we were taken to an office to sit for a while and wait for her first class. There were all sorts of goodies for us to eat!
Here she is, outside of the first classroom she was about to visit. She was nervous, but I just kept reminding her that these were little kids and to just be herself!
Bean was given a very full schedule! She rotated to a different classroom every 30 minutes, and some of the rooms had 2 or 3 classes together!
Here she is, in one of the second grade classrooms. The children were so attentive and I loved their questions.
It was really fun seeing how each class was different. In some classes, she read the entire book. In others, the teacher took turns reading with her.
At the end of the day, we visited the media center to give a book to the library. Here she is, signing the book.
It was such a busy, tiring day for her but she inspired so many children to want to write and create their own books!


  1. That is so neat! I bet she never thought she would be doing the teach in. I just wanted to stop by and share I wrote up a blog post about this book and your daughter!

    Five in Training for HIM: Books by Kids

  2. Great job on the Tampa Bay from A to z book. I always knew you could do something like that! that is totally a job well done!!