Friday, November 11, 2011

American Girls Everywhere!!!

Our girls have always loved all things American Girl. We do not live anywhere near the American Girl store and it has been their lifelong dream to go there someday! They both saved up their hard earned money to buy dolls for themselves, which is no easy feat, considering the price tag! But unfortunately, all the accessories, etc... are just too much for our budget. Our younger daughter received the gift of a lifetime yesterday, when the FedEx man delivered 2 large boxes. And what, might you ask was in these boxes???
Three American Girl dolls, along with a TON of accessories and clothes! Being a younger cousin definitely has advantages! Do you see that smile on her face? That stayed there all day long.
Allow me to introduce you to Felicity, Elizabeth #2, and the "no name" doll- now known as Maria.
For our little girl, it was as if she had won the lottery or something. There was lots of joyful screaming and excitement- so much so that we did not get much school work done! Even our little boy was thrilled!
All 3 kids immediately got to work, setting up an American Girl mall. This above was the shoe store. And below, Kanani is selling accessories.
Our daughter spent the entire day, sorting clothes, trying on all the different outfits, etc...
This makes for a very exhausting day, if you are an American Girl doll. Good night Elizabeth, Elizabeth 2, Kanani, Felicity, and Maria.
We hope you like your new home! One thing for sure- you will be loved and played with every day! Thank you E and J- you have made a little girl happier than she has ever been. And by the way- you will both be happy to know that they arrived with their hair-do's still lovely as ever! And now you can sleep peacefully, knowing they are no longer "watching" you!


  1. Everyone looks so happy! I'm sure that the "girls" are very happy with their new home, especially since they never got to go to the mall before!

  2. These are darling pictures!

    Love all those Schneider kids!

    Love mamaw. . .