Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keepers at Home

This week at our Keepers at Home meeting, the girls made pumpkin pie tarts as part of their Snacks and Drinks skill award. First, we all washed our hands. In addition to learning how to bake, cook, etc...  the girls also learn about all the different appliances, utensils, and kitchen safety.
I usually divide the girls into 2 groups, with a nice age range. This way, all the girls have a chance to do several different jobs, and the older ones are able to teach the younger ones things they may already know.

Each group is given a Keeper mom to assist with the preparations.
Each girl was able to create 3 of their own pumpkin pie tarts.
The best part came when we were finally able to eat our little tarts! So yummy... This little Keeper gave it a "thumbs up".

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