Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Card Making

Yesterday at our Keepers at Home club meeting, the girls practiced their club song Stepping in the Light. I just love hearing their sweet voices! It is especially cute when the little ones really shout it out.

One of the badges we are working on is the Books of the Old Testament. I have had a few of the girls already recite them all to me. I decided to give the girls a little challenge: they were given signs with various books of the Old Testament on them and they had to line up in order.
I was very impressed with how quickly they accomplished this task, and it was so nice seeing the older ones helping the younger girls.
After working on our Compassion lesson, the girls continued creating more cards as part of their card making badge. They made beautiful Easter cards like this one:
We have a few more cards to make and then we will have earned our card making badge. Coming soon- cross stitching!


  1. I loved this post. I have thought about purchasing this program and using it for my kids (buying boys and girls). How do you find it?


  2. www.keepersofthefaith.com

  3. It is wonderful you have a group like this. There isn't one here in the UK. Where in Europe are you visiting this summer? I think you will love it we really enjoy living here:)