Monday, April 11, 2011

A Dance Recital, Life Skills, and Some Monkeys

 Friday was the last day of co-op classes for the semester. It was bittersweet because on one hand, now our Fridays will be open and we can do more field trips and go on other adventures. But on the other hand, my children will miss their classes and friends, and they won't be attending the fall semester of co-op because we will be overseas.
My little girl's favorite class this semester at co-op was ballet. This was her first experience with ballet and she loved it! The girls did a short performance for all the parents on Friday. It was really sweet watching them concentrate so much on their steps and giggling throughout the whole show.
My little girl has also been working on her ironing skill award for Keepers at Home. I have to admit I was (and still am!) a bit nervous when she uses the iron. I have received a few minor burns while ironing, and so I always tell her to focus on the job and never let your fingers get in the way of the iron because the iron will win! She actually enjoys this skill and it is too cute watching her work.
Last but not least, we went away this weekend to some springs about 3 hours away from home. The weather was just beautiful and the water was nice and cool.
We saw all sorts of birds, alligators, river otters, and even monkeys! Yes- monkeys. Several years ago, monkeys were brought in and now they have dozens of them! The babies were so cute, clinging to their mothers and observing everything going on.
Here are our own monkeys! We spent the weekend with family and the kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins.

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