Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday, I had these wonderful plans. It was our first Friday away from co-op and so I thought we would just have a nice day of a bit of school work, and then possibly go somewhere in the early afternoon before our daughter's friend was to come over. A field trip to the hospital was not what I had in mind! I just finished working with my son on his Kindergarten work and was getting ready to take down the large pocket chart we had used to play a game. My little guy came running under the pocket chart and slipped forward, smashing his nose right on the edge of our school table.

Oh my goodness, the blood was everywhere. I started screaming, he was crying, it was crazy! Those who know me know I don't deal very well with "emergency situations" like that. But, I was able to compose myself and get him to the local children's hospital emergency room, where we stayed for a good part of the day. We of course, are no strangers to the emergency room. Why, just my husband alone has been to every emergency room in our city- we have over a dozen hospitals just to clarify how fascinating that fact is.  As far as our children go, there was the "Rotavirus Nasty" (as we all affectionately call that ordeal) our oldest had in 2003 which put her in the hospital for 4 days. Then there was our little girl's fall that took her in the ambulance on a head board and almost sent me into labor with our son.
But our little guy really has not had anything- that is until yesterday. So, I am thankful he is not more injured, and I am thankful he is not in much pain. His poor nose is swollen pretty bad though, and I think the hardest part will be trying to keep him from running around and hurting himself again!

Isn't it funny how plans can just change in the blink of an eye?


  1. Hope your son gets better!

  2. What a scare for you and your little one. Glad he is in the end alright. His nose will heal.

  3. oh, do I feel your pain! we had a similiar incident with our 2 yo just last week. he fell off the bunk beds and took a ride in the ambulance, once he started breathing again, b/c the fall took his breath away and he passed out in my arms. scary!!