Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can Anyone Hear Me???

Do you ever find yourself repeating phrases and saying the same things over and over, yet feel as if no one is really listening? Sometimes, as I go through our day, I notice my little guy's attention seems to be everywhere but where it should be. I must have caught his attention yesterday though, because out of desperation, I asked him if he had his listening ears on. He stopped and looked at me for a second, ran to his room, and came back looking like the picture above! He said to me- "mommy, now I do have my listening ears on and they're HUGE!" What else could I do but laugh....

This time of year is hard. The weather is warm and sunny. We've been traveling along since the beginning of September and I find it hard to focus much. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for children! I am anxious to finish this year up in June and take a nice break. We did have a nice distraction last week though, when we took the kids to a local amusement park.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and the crowd was small.
We were able to get on most of the rides without any wait time! We did several water rides as well and since it was in the upper 80's, it felt great!
We still have a few more scheduled field trips including a trip to an organic farm, an art lesson at a local pottery studio, and some fun at a spray park. My girls are busy preparing for an upcoming piano recital as well, and we are anxiously awaiting the publication of our oldest daughter's book!

While I see this year coming to a close as a good thing and look forward to all the adventures and excitement of our next school year, in a way, I am sad to see it end! This next school year, our oldest will be in her last year of Middle School, our little girl will be entering the fourth grade, and our little guy will no longer be in Kindergarten. Just where does the time go???


  1. By the way, Happy Birthday Ave Maria!

  2. SO jealous. We're still in winter coats joke!

    I had a similar bitter-sweet feeling at last night's Little League game. Next year my oldest moves up "the majors"...and even though I still have littles behind got me in the mommy heart. :)


  3. Hi! I am your newest follower from the Sue Patrick Workbox System Yahoo group. I appreciate your sharing of pictures and sounds like you have had a very eventful year and still some wonderful activities to go before the year is finished. I am new to homeschooling this coming year & look forward to reading more of your posts.