Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If You're Having Fun, You Must Not Be Learning

Whew!!! I thought we would start the school year off slowly and then really get into things after we had a nice routine going. Was I wrong! Today was a day filled with all sorts of hands-on fun! My little guy did his Starfall Kindergarten activities and was so happy to have a new friend- Backpack Bear join him. He then stayed busy the rest of the day playing with play-doh, "writing" a song, reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? and doing some sorting and graphing with M & M's. He played with ABC letter match-ups and magnetic pompom number practice sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler (thank you!). He did some artwork on our easel and joined his sisters during Bible study time. We are focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit this year. He also had a ton of fun participating in Tub Time Tuesday. Today's tubtime activity was with colored water, lots of sparkly sequins, and several different tools and utensils. So, I guess it's safe to say that homeschooling is in full swing around here! Who knew learning could be this much fun...
M & M sorting with Brown Bear sheet
I see smiles!


  1. I must ask... What is Tub Time Tuesday?

  2. Tub Time Tuesday is the name I have given to my little guy's (and sometimes my big girls!) sensory tub activities. I only do it once a week to keep it fresh and fun.

  3. What are some ideas you have used for tub time? And where do you put the tub so that tub time doesn't turn into "Then Mommy spends 30 minutes cleaning up" time? and... do you leave it out the whole day or just have it out for a specific time frame? Thanks for your thoughts, Faith!