Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts For This Week

Out My Window... I see our little "nutty" dog trying to catch a squirrel. Buddy has not been blessed with the gift of finding things or catching anything. He will actually "lose" his toys while sitting right on top of them! Too funny...

In Our Homeschool This Week... We have of course been working on Saxon Math and my little guy started reading his first little chapter book to me! Our two girls have also been working on some stories for their entries in a writing contest.

Places We've Been...We went a lot of places this week- grocery shopping, our local amusement park, to our girls' piano recital, swimming at a friend's house, to name a few!

People We Saw...I always enjoy seeing our Keepers Club friends each week and talking with the moms. I also got to attend our H.E.A.R.T. Homeschool Group meeting and we really had a productive discussion, with lots of planning for the new school year!

Things I Heard... The beautiful sound of our girls practicing for their piano recital. I especially enjoy hearing them play duets together. Move over, girls- in the fall their little brother begins his lessons too!

My Favorite Thing This Week....Watching our oldest daughter being interviewed on live TV, promoting her new book Tampa Bay From A to Z. It really brought tears to my eyes to see her so calm, so composed and so well-spoken. I know this is a dream come true for her.

Things I'm Working On... I have received all our shipments of homeschool materials, and so now I am thrilled to be going through all of the various books and curriculum, and coming up with some lesson plans!

I'm Reading...Crazy Love by Francis Chan. An absolutely amazing book!

I'm Grateful For...A husband who works so very hard so that I can be with our children and homeschool them.

I Am Praying For...the next few weeks to go smoothly and for none of us to become ill before we leave for our trip.

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  1. Loved your dog comment:) I had one of those dogs as a kid:) Sounds like a busy week