Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pottery Painting Studio

This week, we went to a pottery painting studio with one of our homeschool support groups. I had never been to a pottery studio before and it was so interesting to see all the different choices of pottery, as well as some finished projects.
My girls took several minutes choosing what they wanted to paint. My oldest finally decided on a small bowl, and my little girl selected a coffee mug for Daddy. Then, they got right to work on their projects.

Some of their friends painted one project all together as a family.

There were so many colors to chose from, and so many different sizes of brushes!
This was a very relaxing, enjoyable field trip for my girls. They have always been very fond of craft activities and this was right up their alley! I liked just watching them work silently and skillfully. Once finished, their projects went into the kiln.
Daddy is really going to like his coffee mug and bowl. Shhh! Don't tell him- it's a surprise!


  1. The absolute BEST artsy class I signed my kiddos up for was Pottery! They loved creating (I loved that they were creating somewhere ELSE ;) and the LOVE their creations! I have them proudly displayed in our living room.

    Fun stuff...


  2. That is something we have always wanted to do. Thanks for sharing looks like alot of fun