Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keepers at Home

This week at our Keepers at Home club meeting, the girls participated in a fun game of "pass the beach ball". The purpose of the game was to teach the girls how to patient with others, as well as with ourselves. Each girl had to pass the ball to the next friend in line, without actually grasping or holding onto it! So, the only way they could accomplish this was by carefully balancing the ball on the palm of their hand.
They all did a really great job at passing the ball, and they were definitely patient with each other.

We also made some trail mix as part of the Snacks and Drinks skill award. There were all sorts of yummy sweet and salty things to add to our bags!

I believe they all gave it a "thumbs up" in the taste category!

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  1. We've also enjoyed being a part of a Keepers at Home girls' club in the past. A friend and I started the club together and kept it going for several years until it got too big and some of the girls were no longer doing their projects. We felt that our own girls could benefit from doing more at home with us using the "Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home" book. Both the club and working at home on that book have been such a blessing!