Sunday, November 7, 2010

International Folk Fair

This weekend, we participated in the annual International Folk Fair in our area. It is such a neat event because it has so many educational opportunities. There are dozens of countries represented and each country has a booth set up with cultural displays, crafts, and food items. Most countries also perform dances or sing on the stage. Children can get a passport and have it stamped as they "travel" to each country. This year's theme was "Our World's Waterways" and so as you visited each nation, you were supposed to find out information regarding that country's main rivers, lakes, etc... My children really enjoyed seeing all the different displays and sampling all the delicious foods. But their favorite thing was when they performed on stage with the folk dancing group. Actually, this was my little guy's very first show and he did great! If you ever have the chance to go to a multicultural event such as this, don't miss out- it is like traveling the world without leaving home!

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