Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aquarium Field Trip

Bingo Board
Today was Homeschool Day at the aquarium. My kids were really excited about going, especially my little guy because he has never visited this aquarium before! I made a fun bingo game ahead of time for them to play as we toured the different exhibits. We saw all sorts of interesting fish, birds, sharks, river otters, and more. What I really like about this aquarium is the fact that they have several different sections and a huge variety of plants and aquatic life- not just ocean creatures but all types of water habitats. Since today was Homeschool Day, the aquarium set up various crafts and shows for the children to participate in. I love field trips and even though we aren't studying ocean life in depth this year, I still wanted to take this little excursion because I really feel there is a learning moment in everything and I know the kids had a great time!
I sure hope that Spoonbill isn't going to sit on me!
Taking a break on a mermaid's lap
A tasty reward for completing the bingo game

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