Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!

Happy Dr. Seuss Day! I just love all of Dr. Seuss' books and we have quite a collection of them. Many are books I received when I was a child, and so they are quite old. Our children have grown up hearing these stories over and over again, and I enjoy not only the style of Dr. Seuss' writing but also the messages he teaches us about how we should treat others.

We started our celebration by watching The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That on PBS Kids this morning. They were having a "Cat in the Hat Marathon" today.
Next, we all put on our socks and listened to Fox in Socks. After the story, my kids competed in a sock sorting relay race.

Each of them was timed to see how quickly they could sort the pile of socks. They enjoyed this activity and it was harder than it looked!

For the next activity, our little "nut" read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to us all while we ate some yummy colored goldfish snacks.

Then it was time for a writing lesson. We discussed all the different books we have and the fact that they had many unusual characters and fabricated words. We talked about the rhyming of the stories as well. Each of the kids chose a book to pattern their own story after. Our oldest wrote a story called "A Mouse In Our House". She is still working on the illustrations.
Soon, it was time for lunch and so I read about the Sneetches as the kids colored and cut out stars to attach to their shirts, just like the star-bellied Sneetches. I really enjoy that book because it teaches such a great lesson about differences and how it doesn't matter what we look like or what "cool" clothes someone has on. We are all the same!
It is always so funny to see the differences in the way the kids do their art work.

For lunch, we had star shaped "Sneetch Snacks" (peanut butter & jelly sandwiches) as well as hotdogs, just like in the story!
After lunch, it was more great stories. Our oldest read The Foot Book and then we played a lively game of Twister.
After our crazy game, we sat down and listened to an excerpt from My Many Colored Days. I gave the kids all sorts of items such as felt, pom poms, construction paper, etc... and had them create colorful collages that described their own colored day.
 They worked for quite some time on their projects. Here is a sample of what they did:
Last but not least, we listened to a bit of Oh The Thinks You Can Think and then ate Schlopp for dessert! If you've read the story, then you know that Schlopp is an ice cream sundae.
This was a busy, fun day and we had a blast celebrating one of my favorite authors. And remember, "a person's a person, no matter how small..."



  1. What a great job on Dr Seuss activities. I love the book my many colored day and read it often to my kids.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderfully fun day!