Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Park Day

Yesterday was our monthly Park Day with the support group we belong to. The kids enjoyed a nice pizza lunch and played on the playground. One of my favorite parts of park day is when the children all share something they have been learning about or bring in a project to show off. It is so neat to see the creativity and I especially enjoy the variety. On this park day, we had a science lesson, a paper mache hot air balloon, painted pottery, and more!

Then the kids had fun with some "spooky" activities. They got to put their hands in the mystery boxes and try to guess what was inside. By the looks of their faces, some of them weren't too sure about touching anything they couldn't see!

They had a blast with a team building activity involving LOTS of toilet paper and two unsuspecting "victims", the oldest girls in our group. The little ones squealed with delight as they wrapped up the girls in paper and turned them into mummies.

 It's hard to believe October is almost over. We have many exciting activities and events planned in the next coming months. I can't wait!

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